stickmaker (stickmaker) wrote,


Got to bed late last night. Then was kept up by strange noises from the house downhill from me, which is within spitting distance of my bedroom windows. Then I woke about an hour before I normally rise, due to a full bladder!

I went to the john, fed the cats and opened the cat door, then went back to bed. Tossed and turned for a while, dozed for a bit... then I heard what sounded like a cat fight not far from my windows. I looked outside from several vantage points, in the basement under my bedroom, even put my slippers on and went out back. Nothing. Shrugged, went back inside and back to bed.

I was just starting to get comfortable again when the workers arrived to put a new roof on the duplex uphill from me. (I can understand wanting to get a jump on the heat of the day, but this is Sparta Saturday!)

So sleepy...

Having a sketchy breakfast of granola bar and large mug of strong coffee. Right now don't feel competent to operate heavy machinery, so no driving until and unless I can get some (about two hours of) sleep.
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