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This is ridiculous.

Tragedy strikes, and instead of helping, politicians of every stripe (not all politicians, but far too many) trot out their favorite phrases, blame their favorite bogeyman and feel they've done their job.


Violence is a social problem and an individual problem. Dealing with either type is not easy, but it must be done. Stop targeting this class of object or that favorite group to blame. Find out why this _individual_ did this. Figure out why _society_ allowed them to get to a place in their life where committing such an act seemed acceptable.

We have to figure out why these few - and they are, by a huge measure, exceptions to the general population - do these things. We _must_ as a community learn how to identify them and get them help before they hurt anyone, including themselves. We must _not_ base policies only on these exceptions, but learn to include measures for dealing with them. Bureaucracies love to generalize and hate to deal with individuals, but if we cannot learn to do this we are a failure as a society.

After the Parkland, Florida shooting I heard an interview with a criminal court judge. He angrily stated that law enforcement has been given reliable tools for predicting who will commit a crime, but nothing to help predict who will become violent. That has to change.

As a Christian, I say that we must become our brother's keeper. Not in the _1984_ Big Brother, oppressive sense; but in the sense of paying attention to each other and caring for each other. Of offering a kind word and a supporting hand when it is needed. Of staging in intervention when it is required. The legal tools for this exist but are rarely used and could be improved. Far more important, though, is the change in attitude that our nation and we as individuals must demonstrate.

Look out for each other.

May these few and clumsy words help someone more enlightened produce a solution.
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